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Huamai Wisdom

Writer:CindyNumber of visits: Date:2018-09-28 09:36:44

  Recently, the Shanghai Boneng Direct Finance National Exhibition has been successfully opened, which owns 624 halls built by Huamai Technology. The total exhibition area is about 365 square meters, and is divided into four sections: “Preface Hall, Technology Experience Hall, System Demonstration Hall and Information Enquiry Hall”.  It fully shows the four core competence of Huamai wisdom,  such as powerful intelligence, multi-dimensional perception, big data application and artificial intelligence, providing users with high-end, close and new feelings and experiences. 

 1. Preface Hall. The large curved screen, matched with light, sounds and paintings, is straight into the theme and displays the high-tech corporate brand in multiple dimensions of Direct Finance.

 2. Technology Experience Hall. The movable partition is used to create a sense of spatial layering and penetration. In addition, combined with multimedia interactive technology, the achievements of Direct Finance’s technology such as artificial intelligence technology and cloud computing  will be presented.

 3. Through intelligent sensor door, enter the "system demonstration hall",  between the data and cloud services, a new digital experience opened. Multi-system demonstration, remote video conferencing meet diverse and personalized needs.

 4. In the “Information Enquiry Hall”, visitors will experience the digital integrated services such as self-service intelligent credit and big data management system provided by the Direct Finance, and feel the corporate connotation brought by “technical future”.

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