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  • Product name: FTTH fttx fiber optic harga joint closure
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  • Shelf time: 2016-10-27
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Product Standard:


Specification of Fiber Optic Outdoor Splice Closure

Specific Rules for Compulsory Certification of Distribution Equipment (VD.3)




Widely used in aerial, duct places outdoor and can be directly buried underground.




 Having good mechanical performance, strong bad weather resistance capacity as well as electric features by use of high quality polypropylene together with thermal aging additive.


made of material with good capability of outdoor environment resistance and high durability


Having reliable cable fixing and grounding facilities.


Using self-adhesive isolative tape and glue belt to seal.


To use rotating method to connect fiber organizer cassette result in easy installation.


 Mechanical design suitable for installing, fiber splicing storage and cable connection


Compact and tight.


Main Technical Parameters


Applicable environment temperatures: -10°C~+70°C


 Air pressure: 70~106Kpa


Pull-out strength≥1000N, compressive force to shell≥2000N , impact: 16N.m


 Bending force to fiber cable: 150N (±45°), torsion force to fiber cable: 30N.m (±90°)


Tightness: no pressure drop within the enclosure pressurized to 60Kpa at 70°C for 100 hours


 Insulation resistance≥2×104MΩ,resistance to 1.5KV/min without break down


 Life expectancy: 30 years

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