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  • Product name: Huamai FTTX outdoor cabinet,fiber optic cross connect cabinet,fiber optic cabinet
  • No.: GXF5-67 144
  • Shelf time: 2016-10-29
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GXF5-67M-Z patch cord free fiber optical cross connection cabinet
is one of ideal equipment in the construction of FTTx, which application
to PON technology and FTTx fiber access network .It can
achieve such functions as splicing ,storage , termination and distribution
for the introduction of outdoor fiber optical cable ,etc

Main Feature


1. Suitable for the termination between primary cable and distribution cable in FTTx
fiber access of PON technology
2.reduce using adapter and patch cord , also can reduce communication failure and
insertion loss, improve the network safety.
3.A fixed length for outdoor cable (primary cable ,orderly pigtail management center
make the interface clear .
4. Improving the equipment capacity fully, achieving the purpose of enlarge capacity

Ordeing information


Dimension(mm)H(*)×W×D 12F Patch Cord- Free Pigtail Output Tray 12F Integrated Splice Tray or 12F Direct Insertion Tray MAX Capacity (core) Note
Primary Tray Distribution Tray
1030(760)×560×305 12(#) 12 144 144 Front Access(earth connection /wall mounted /aerial )
1450(1100)×740×370 24(#) 28 288 336 Front Access(earth connection /wall mounting /aerial)
1461(1111)×750×580 48(#) 56 576 672 Front and Rear Access( earth connection /aerial)

1.Primary tray use of 12F patch cord free pigtail output tray with dimension (mm):25 ×150×230(L× W× H),color:PANTONE cool Gray 8C

2.Distribution tray use of 12F integrated splice tray with dimension :25 ×200× 180(L× W× H),color:PANTONE cool Gray 8C or use of 12F direct insertion type tray with dimension :25× 150× 180 (L× W× H),color:PANTONE 7690C

3.12F integrated splice tray available for adapter :SC ,FC rectangle

4.* replace demension not contain the size of bottom

5.# is the number of primary tray

6.12F integrated splice tray also can be used as PLC splitter tray and direct splicing tray ,the fiber number can be configured according to the customers'requirement

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